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Although I’m not a expert of developping softwares, but I can do my best!

313 thoughts on “Suggestion

  1. 提几个建议吧



    – gnome-panel的长宽,动画速度等(比如我原来想把最后一个panel去掉,但是不能直接删,于是按网上方法,设auto hide,然后unhide时间设成60sec :D)
    – 标题栏排布,就是最小化,最大化,关闭,标题文字,图标等的位置
    – clock applet的显示格式


  2. Optimize Ubuntu
    – Use apt-build, in conbination with a custom script to build two lists (current installed packages, and build-dep of current packages).
    – Test for packages that cannot be compiled and remove them from the list.
    – Have a section on Ubuntu-Tweak to configure apt-build to match the CPU and ARCH.
    – Install all Build-Dep for current Packages, recompile all packages currently install (prior installing the build-deps).
    – Once compiling done remove all build-deps.
    – invoke dpkg to force the new packages to install or set local repository and have it with higher priority, install optimized packages.
    – Disable local repository once optimized packages are installed.
    – When new updates become available have a section on Ubuntu-Tweak to fetch the update and recompile only the updated packages.

    NOTE: Recompiling the whole system can take several days.

    I would love to see a feature like this on Ubuntu-Tweak.

  3. For me the most useful thing in Ubuntu Tweak is adding third party repos. I just installed Ubuntu Tweak on the fantastic karmic RC and here some repos are missing. This includes Dropbox and the Bisigi themes. Both have repos for karmic on their websites.

    Why are they not in the current Ubuntu Tweak release for karmic? It’s kind of obscure that my beloved programs disappear :) Please add them again and keep the repo database up-to-date. Do you need any help with this? I would love to provide it ;)

  4. @Daniel

    this feature is so advanced for normal people, I think people will choose Gentoo if he want to recompie the whole system.


    thanks, take back the CTRL+ALT+backspace is a good idea.

    @dr garden
    It will be updated soon when the official release of Ubuntu 9.10.
    Thanks for your remind.

  5. Hello! Great software.

    I would kindly ask you if you could add complete KUBUNTU support to it. I use KDE not GNOME. Thank you.

  6. hola uso ubuntu karmic 9.10 ..problema.. hay un error en las lineas a insertar en las lists sources de ubuntu ..falta una linea creo …pero no puedo instalar ubuntu tweak..gracias

  7. ISAAC , there are allready a lot of stuff for tweaking under kde, right ?

    It could be a good idea, but really gnome need this tool a lot more than kde.

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  9. As I posted in the Questions-Section in Launchpad, I’m not sure if this is as suggestion. So I copy it to this thread:

    It would be great if it would be possible to add more shortcuts. The already possible 12 commands are not enough (according to my wishes :-))
    Is that possible?

  10. Since you use launchpad’s ppa, it would be wise to include the preferred method of adding software repos in recent ubuntu versions – hasslefree, easy, one line:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
    add “ppa:tualatrix/ppa” in software repos in synaptic

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  12. This software is very excellent !
    I think you could adapt it for other *buntu distributions like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and why not for OpenSuse, Fedora, Mandriva…

  13. Hi Tualatrix,
    it’s a long time since my last comment here. But I have a new suggestion for this nicce program Ubuntu-Tweak. I would like a tool like Gnome Iconset Builder to be integrated into Ubuntu-Tweak, because I like creating iconsets for gnome and would need a tool for this. Gnome Iconset Builder is not supported anymore and its developer is also not to reach anymore. Emails come back with the note: this account does not exist. So I would be happy, if you could do such a tool for Ubuntu-Tweak and I can’t hardly wait to have this for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).

    Do you think, such thing is possible for Ubuntu-Tweak??

    your friend Karmicbastler

  14. Hi,

    I really love your tool. I got a new PC and installed karmic (64-bit) to it. I added plenty of software sources that you reference. Unfortunately when I try to update the sources several pgp errors were thrown. Did I do anything wrong?


  15. Please add support for modifying the number of restarts from witch file system control is performed in ubuntu. Some people that switch on the pc 2-3 times a day may find annoying to get e2fsck working every 7-10 days.
    i modified the number of starts before automatic control (to 60, originally was every 25 times) using this command:
    sudo tune2fs -c 60 /dev/sda2

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  17. It would be great if you could add a column “dimensions” to Nautilus for sorting pics in landscape or portrait mode. (Scripts Move To and Copy To, unfortunately, don’t work any more).
    – Great job, however. Thanks.

  18. Make it possible to install applications from source.

    Have some kind of configuration, that you can set/run; for the package that was downloaded into a specific directory. The configuration would basically allow you to run:

    sudo make install

    or something to that nature.

    then you can find some kind of app tar.gz or whatever(unzip it with the config command or by hand)and install it from ubuntu-tweak.

    Just a suggestion, I think it would be kool.

  19. An easy way for saving and restoring ubuntutweak settings, (via the GUI and the command line) would be a nice addition.
    Plus, this would help people who often reinstall their OS or make installations on a large volume of boxes.

  20. hi tualatrix,

    here is another suggestion fo your onwards development of ubuntu-tweak: integration of the new GDM2setup into your nice app. these apps would perfectly fit to each other. Especially because the author of GDM2Setup has just written to me this evening, that he would be glad to work together with you and he is planning to put his nice app into yours and also the other way round.

    I can also send you the text of this correspondence with the author.

    I would be glad, if you could consider this.

    You can find this app here:

    Perhaps you will look at this and also be oth the same opinion. I have sent the author the Link to your ppa-repository in launchpad.

    Perhaps he will take up contact with you.

    I would appreciate a teamwork of you both.

    Karmicbastler (alias Linuxexperte in launchpad)

  21. I am a constant user of Ubuntu Tweak, and I would like to second the suggestion by Andrea Köth to add an entry for GDM2Setup in Ubuntu Tweak. I am one of the developers of GDM2Setup, and am available for discourse on the subject at your convenience. If there is anything I can do to assist – please don’t hesitate to ask.

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