Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.3 released

This is a maintenance version of Ubuntu Tweak with some bugs fixed and a little changes. Everyone should upgrade to this version.

Here’s the updates:

Mirrors for Apps data

In Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.3,  there’re two mirrors for the Apps data have been added. This means the access of Apps will be more stable than before, it might also be faster.

The change is transparent for the users, because Ubuntu Tweak will choose one of the three mirrors automatically. And it will load the remote data only when you use the Apps feature.

ubuntu-tweak-083-0 Overlay Scrollbar Settings for Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 has a hidden feature, that’s the “Touch Mode” for Overlay Scrollbars. What’s is “Touch Mode”? This means, you’ll never have the overlay shows upon the scrollbar.

This tweak is located at “Tweaks” -> “Miscellaneous”. ubuntu-tweak-083-1

And there’re some bugs fixed.

  • Ignore the Unity WebApp specific action like S0 ~ S1 (LP: #1076417)
  • Fix ubuntu-tweak crashed with SIGSEV in PyGILState_Ensure() (LP: #1074853)
  • Improve “Auto detect text encoding for Chinese in Gedit” (LP: #1074572)
  • thumbnailcache_plugin uses deprecated path (LP: #1090364)
  • File Manager module encountered error while loading (LP: #1073795)
  • ubuntu-tweak is top crasher on errors.ubuntu.com (LP: #1086722)


Here’s deb link (PPA is ready).


28 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.3 released

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  3. Hi. I’m still having the problem from version 0.3.x where the app won’t load after the splash screen. I tried to follow the instructions for disabling the splash, but unfortunately ubuntu-tweak.py does not appear to exist (or it’s somewhere new.) Please advise.

  4. I have problem on Linux Mint 14 64bit, XFCE edition. When I go to Management -> Sources center I get empty list but there should be list of repositories? “Synchronize” and “Refresh” doesn’t change anything. Same problem with Management -> Software center, just empty list

  5. Hey Tualatrix,

    I’m really glad you decided to keep on with Ubuntu Tweak, it’s a brilliant piece of software that I’ve come to rely on as I’m sure many other Ubuntu users have.

    Your hard work is much appreciated.


  6. First off – Ubuntu-Tweak is awesome!
    …but ive run into a problem:
    Ive used UT for awhile now and one of the tweaks I use is setting a custom login background / wallpaper (and disable that ugly grid), but today I noticed that it wasnt working and now displays just a pure purple color. Was working when I had set it with 0.8.2, then decided to look for an update and installed 0.8.3, but still didnt fix.
    Anybody else having this issue?…any conflicting apps such as ‘Ubuntu Tweak Tool’ ?
    Ubuntu 12.10 x64

    • *Solved:
      I had to create a new folder ( /TM), changed ownership (sudo chown TM), copy/pasted image there (probly could have just sudo cp’d skipping chown)…then had to change ownership of /TM back to root for it to work… I dont know where the issue came from, as I have always just used images from within /home//Pictures/

  7. I am new on Ubuntu. Your software helped me a lot to get started. Because it’s so easy to install good apps with Ubuntu Tweak! I really love your software. You do a great job.

  8. I love your app but currently experiencing a small bug – that is, workspace setting. I use top-right corner to perform an expose-like function but it stops functioning on every reboot. I notice that it happens to my backlight setting and indicator-cpufreq as well. Maybe this is a known problem in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? Please confirm.

    Running latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with latest update as of 3/13/13 on Asus U31SD-XH51

  9. This is a fine program. However, it has major useability issues: unintuitve and confusing user flow, unexpected behaviour, non-standard use of UI patterns. You should take this seriously. If you’d like some (free) pointers, get in touch.

  10. sudo ubuntu-tweak. It is closed after the beginning of search of system files.

    [utils.icon][WARNING] get_from_list for (null) failed, try next (icon.py:56)

    [PackageConfigsPlugin][DEBUG] output: (Чтение базы данных … на данный момент установлен 159371 файл и каталог.)
    , returncode: None (packageconfigs_plugin.py:57)
    [PackageConfigsPlugin][DEBUG] Cleaning…libclucene0ldbl (packageconfigs_plugin.py:53)
    [PackageConfigsPlugin][DEBUG] output: , returncode: None (packageconfigs_plugin.py:57)


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