The development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped

When you see this article, the development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped. You may got this news from the Ubuntu Tweak Apps, where it looks like this:

No matter how you got this news, what I want to announce is the same: I want to stop the development and maintenance of Ubuntu Tweak. This means you will not be able to use “Apps” (Since it is a web service), I will not response for the bug report, the last commit of the code will be: Add cache support for Apps, only available in Ubuntu 12.10, so sad…

You may ask why I made this decision to stop the development of Ubuntu Tweak, I may write 10,000 words to describe how I start this project, how I feel happy from this project, how I feel bad from this project…But I just want to say:  If making free software is not free any more, why still doing this?

I hope you are not surprised for my decision. If your reaction is “well” or “fine” , that’s the best support to me.

Thank you.

365 thoughts on “The development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped

  1. As many others have said, thanks a ton for a great tool and devoting so much time to it. It’s exactly what Ubuntu needed and I have used it on every computer I’ve owned in the past several years. Good luck with whatever it is you’re moving onto.

  2. how i understand, this a response to the new downloading page of ubuntu… well… I see..

    thanks for for your contribution :) you should know that you have a lot of friends here!!!

  3. Oh My God, why did you stop the development? I was using your software since years ago! It helped me a lot and it was awesome! And I’m sure many people loved the program YOU created.
    I just can’t understand… This came as a heart-attack. I didn’t ever think of this. :(
    Anyways, thank you for your AWESOME utility and the time you spent developing it!

  4. Whoa! sir, Youve been doing awesome work so far, why stopped it?, anyway youre work so far was tremendous, hope someone continues it down the line.

    • Where is the like button for this post?! I chuckled when Ubuntu dished out unity and went from a user friendly OS to the stage that CentOS is at. In that same time frame Fedora went from a Professional OS to a more user friendly refined OS in one release.

      It doesn’t really surprise me that the developer dropped support for this app though. I wish him the best of luck in whatever path he chooses now.

      • Unity may not please everyone, but that doesn’t mean Ubuntu is at downfall, Canonical is making right move, refining Unity with each release and being professional with development, we don’t want full UI revamp every 6 months, Apple’s doing the same with Mac for last 10 years and is doing great. We’re doing it for free and still making millions of users happy by providing them with a choice of other desktops if Unity is not their piece of cake. STOP blaming something you don’t fully understand or contribute to.

        • Yeah, this. Those who cry that Unity has brought about the end of time seem a bit out of touch. It’s just a session, guys. And it can’t be that bad, because a really big portion of Ubuntu users like it enough to use it while tests show that new computer users also find it pretty easy to understand. It’s okay to not like things. But don’t be a jerk about it. Other DEs will continue, the world will not end.

  5. I honestly don’t understand your explanation of why you’re stopping development. I get the feeling you are upset by something, but it’s not at all clear. If you are upset that you’ve not made money from the project, I’m sure we’d all be willing to offer donations to keep this software going. Or, if you are upset with something Ubuntu has done, would you please consider continuing development under other distibutions, such as Linux Mint or Debian?

    Your tool and web site have been terrific helps! Please reconsider! Please don’t stop development!

  6. Thanks for all the hard work. Your explanation for stopping is a little cryptic and unclear, but whatever it is it’s your prerogative, we all respect that.

    However, at least the project is open source and there are 41 forks, if others stepped forward to continue development would you let them post updates to

  7. What you mean with making free software now not free again? Even Ubuntu Tweak doesn’t reach version 1 yet.

    We are simple user. So we need simple app like this. But if the creator wanna abandoned it, we hope someday he comes back or somebody else handles this app.

    It is fine. Thank you so much for a long time with us. Thank you for Ubuntu Tweak. Ubunteros will miss you.

    • Canonical seems to be making moves to monetize the “Linux” experience. So far today there has been talk about the default install of packages that display ads and possibly provide them the ability to collect usage info.

      I have just been glancing at the news and have not gone too in-depth yet. All of us should understand what the new “Features” are and how they impact us as users. Know what your line is and if their actions have crossed them be prepared to walk away to another project. As more and more general users join the platform the need to keep a shrinking number of us happy is also disappearing. We are shifting from being people to just being cattle.

      From my perspective ubuntu-tweak has been a great “for the love of Ubuntu” project. I have been a user for a long time and it is one of the first things that I install. I will be sad to see development stop but as the action is based on principals I can only be supportive.

      • I’m shocked to hear about the new package idea but at the minute Ubuntu is fine.

        The whole idea of monitizing Linux is the only way Linux is going to EVER compete with Windows or OSX in the desktop market.

        e.g The Game Circle

        No people using Linux -> No reason to develop games for Linux.
        No games -> No people using Linux.

        If you disagree with the whole idea of ‘non-free’ software on Linux then go and use any of these distros:

        • Please remember that Free Software means “Free” as in Free Speech and not as in Free Beer, they can monetize their distribution of Gnu/Linux and relying only on Free Software… The real problem is not there.

          I think (I might be wrong), that the developer isn’t very “amused” by all the choices that Ubuntu toke on the last couple of months, to be honest, I tried Ubuntu 12.10 and had to stop my “Ubuntu 12.10 Experience” after a few seconds of all the Amazon icons, licenses, and other stuff that don’t respect my privacy AND WORSE, don’t respect the older users of Ubuntu that want something normal and not something slow, buggy with advertisements everywhere… Just saying

      • Boo hoo, you can’t get your free open source professionally produced and maintained OS without seeing a couple of ads. You’re free to use another distro, y’know!

        • Boo hoo? If there was a chance to toss down a few bucks to support the effort without them forcing ads on me I would in a heartbeat. That is one of the big problems with software companies today. Either they charge way to much or they take way too much. What happened to charging something reasonable? Or giving the community options before they make a decision like this.
          Linux for the most part is one of the last refuges where the OS by default (as far as I have seen) doesn’t rape and pillage your privacy to turn a profit. I do have no problem with applications hosting adds to drive some sort of revenue.
          Our personal information should be off-limits unless we decided to opt-in.
          I would much rather there was an opportunity to pay through a humble bundle like program to get a gold star then to have ads forced upon me by the OS.

      • I have also noticed how software has been slowly monetizing. I believe that as the OS becomes more and more integrated with the Internet that this trend will continue. I do not like the aspect of Internet integration to such a large degree and do not plan on “upgrading” past 12.04.1 for the foreseeable future.

  8. To clarify, I believe he is saying that making free software is no longer free for him. It may be costing him time, resources, and in the end: money. He might need to use that time for other endeavours such as paying work. This is the greatest downfall of the Linux world. Free is not always free, nor maintainable. Yet, there are those that will condemn people for actually needing to put food on their table and feed their children. Nothing in this world is free, ever, and those who think it is, are truly delusional. Someone has to give their time and energy to a project, and how many people these days have that much extra time on their hands? Not many.

    We can only hope someone in the community, or a group in the community can and will pick of the banner of Tweak and carry on the work. But I for one, am not going to hold my breath.

  9. I really liked Tweak.

    You should at least write about the reasons. Maybe there’s something that can be done about it to prevent future frustrations.

  10. Mi dispiace molto per la decisione, che deve essere stata sofferta.
    Grazie per quanto hai fatto finora.
    Se la decisione è dovuta a qualche scelta sbagliata di Ubuntu, per favore spiega alla comunità quale è il problema e quale via si può seguire per mantenere libero il software.
    Comunque grazie e buona fortuna, sperando in un ripensamento.

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  12. Thanks for the many years of Ubuntu Tweak…I really appreciated the ‘janitor’ functions; it’s an awesome method of keeping one’s Linux system clean. Perhaps the good folks at MyUnity may carry it on.

  13. Ho intuito ma non capito le tue motivazioni. Mi piacerebbe conoscerle per la crescita collettiva, il mondo open source ha bisogno di persone come te ed anche di capire perchè persone come te se ne vanno.

    finisci la tua opera (Ottima), spiega come è finita. Grazie ancora

  14. Ubuntu Tweak was awesome before Unity which was around the point where I stopped using Ubuntu. I will always remember the software that you created, thanks man.

    I only wish I could be half the coder you are :)

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  16. >monetize the linux experience

    I’ve been using ubuntu for free the past six years. I have relied privately and professionally on other people’s work. I have donated some once in a while but nothing that would reasonably compensate what I have received.

    Apple could be said to monetize the bsd experience, and with overwhealming success. Redhat is monetizing the Linux-server experience, so is Suse and Oracle. Why shouldn’t Linux-desktop be allowed the same luxury?

    What’s with this non-commercial purity that relies on unpaid labor of others? Yes they may get paid by some company that is able to monetize Linux and thus recoupe what it spends on development.

    Personally I would love to be able to pay for a linux preinstalled thinkpad.

    I don’t see anything inherently wrong in Canonical’s attempt at monetizing the linux desktop (if it’s ok for servers why not for the desktop?).

    An actual paid desktop-os would have some advantages for the user: it would make long-term focused improvement a much better proposition, it would more importantly encourage partners that Linux is not about “cheap” but about choice and quality.

    This is not to say I agree with everything Canonical/Ubuntu does. I’ve recently left ubuntu for another distro because of Unity. But when it matures and improves I might very well return. I find what they do innovative and disruptive. They are probing a lot of options some hist some misses.

    Still, Ubuntu is the best thing that has happened to Linux in the last decade.

  17. What a horrible decision, as this software is very useful in getting Ubuntu up to speed.
    I guess we aree now gonna have to go back to using command line or Ubuntu’s next to useless software center that doesnt even have a bloody refresh option.
    Also there goes customization out the window.
    Why not let someoine take it over or take donations?

    • He said that the software is not going to be continued to be developed. I don’t think that we have read that the software is going to disappear from the repos.

  18. This is great software and helped me sort out lots of Ubuntu problems.
    Thanks for your efforts.
    Good job
    if you write any other useful software for linux please post the link here.
    I would be happy to spend a few bucks to support your work.

  19. Oh no very sad. Ubuntu Tweak is a life saver app. Could you change your mind if someone came to support you? This is a realy needed app for evey ubuntu user. You give us a great time.

    Missing you badly……..

  20. Your efforts were greatly appreciated, and your work was outstanding. The first thing I did after installing Ubuntu on any machine was to install Ubuntu-Tweak first.

    I wish you luck in your future projects, and thank you so much for all of the benefit I have gleaned from your efforts. U-T will be missed.

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  22. If you are upset because you are not making enough money to maintain the hosting, consider making a paid app.

    If you are angry because Ubuntu has chosen to temporary close some parts of development until the next release, you are over reacting.

    if you are stopping development because Canonical has chosen your app to become a mainstream app for the next release and is part of the temporary close development congratulations!

    If you are just closing because there are other things going on with your live; at least give someone else the opportunity to continue with your efforts, Any takers??

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