The development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped

When you see this article, the development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped. You may got this news from the Ubuntu Tweak Apps, where it looks like this:

No matter how you got this news, what I want to announce is the same: I want to stop the development and maintenance of Ubuntu Tweak. This means you will not be able to use “Apps” (Since it is a web service), I will not response for the bug report, the last commit of the code will be: Add cache support for Apps, only available in Ubuntu 12.10, so sad…

You may ask why I made this decision to stop the development of Ubuntu Tweak, I may write 10,000 words to describe how I start this project, how I feel happy from this project, how I feel bad from this project…But I just want to say:  If making free software is not free any more, why still doing this?

I hope you are not surprised for my decision. If your reaction is “well” or “fine” , that’s the best support to me.

Thank you.

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