Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.13: bugs, bugs and bugs

The door to Ubuntu Tweak 0.6 is never closed, but there’re still a lot of bugs have to fixed. Here’s Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.13.

After the release of Natty, the desktop environment of Ubuntu has never been so complex before: Unity, GNOME classical, GNOME 3(Through PPA), LXDE, KDE…

Oh my god! So many desktop environments! How should I deal with that?

As you may know, Ubuntu Tweak is a desktop tool initially designed for GNOME, but some features (such as Source Center) also work under other desktop environments. I have to check the desktop environment, disable the features which can’t work under the target desktop, E.G. hide the GNOME Settings under KDE.

But It does not always work, and it takes me a lot of time to install another desktop environment, then test under it.

Now I realized if I continue to try to make Ubuntu Tweak compatible with other desktop environments, so the next major update will never come.

So I will try my best to make the next version of Ubuntu Tweak out, but somethings will be changed:

      Only for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)
      Only for Unity/GNOME

What does it mean?

First, it does not mean Ubuntu Tweak will not work under Debian, Mint or others. It may work, but not stable, or may cause other problems. And I will not support or response for that, just stop reporting bug(or feature request) for a while, until I have plan to support other distributions and desktop environments.

I hope you understand my decision, and sorry for users who use other desktop environments.

OK, now here’s Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.13 with some bugs fixed. If your desktop environment isn’t Unity, it won’t crash now. Also with many translation updates.

More details here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+milestone/0.5.13

Here’s the deb package (and PPA is ready): ubuntu-tweak_0.5.13-1~natty1_all.deb

I’m going to speed up the development now!


26 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.13: bugs, bugs and bugs

  1. I fully support your decision! I think you should focus on the default Ubuntu experience. After all, it’s called Ubuntu Tweak, right? :)

    Going forward it’s possible (I would say likely) that Ubuntu will diverse more from Gnome and KDE and pick up unique features. Maybe you could make a different Kubuntu Tweak package if that’s something you feel is worth your time (and maybe a Gnome Classic/3 Tweak). That, too, would be a lot of work on your part, but instead of holding back all of your work you could still make a stable Ubuntu Tweak and keep supporting some of the other environments.

  2. Today I woke up and started Update Manager, saw an Ubuntu Tweak update, I saw the description and it was Ubuntu Tweak .6. I was very exited about it, when the update finished what I saw was the same old UT.

    The I remembered I’m using the testing PPA!

    Thank’s for your work dude! I can’t wait to see the real UT.6!

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  4. Your decision is fully understandable and I appreciate all your work!
    Thanks for keeping up and good luck!

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  8. thank you!!! it sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. Thanks for continuing the development and not giving up when things get complicated.

  9. thank you!!!
    it sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you
    I fully understand your decision

    But please support other Ubuntu derivatives..
    You can Break it in two parts
    Ubuntu tweak 6.xx( Only for Ubuntu 11.04 & Unity/GNOME) & Ubuntu tweak classic 6.xx(For Ubuntu derivatives using diff DE & w/o all Ubuntu dependencies like compiz etc)
    Where 6.xx get updated often(or testing) & classic one very two-or three months..

    Please UT has become a part of our lives(especially Source Center) & please give a fraction of time to it please


    • Debian is not a derivative of Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and any other O.S. that uses Deb Packages is a derivative of Debian.

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  12. Tengo la version 0.5.13 en Ubuntu 10.10 y me he dado cuenta que la opcion activar sonido ( preferencias de login ) no funccione. Por otra parte, no es posible de cambiar el sonido.

    Muchas gracias por este excelente herramienta

  13. newbie-love linux,but what can I do to keep computer running without re-entering my password every minute,it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

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  15. Thanks for Ubuntu Tweak, and for the warning. I’m running Xubuntu these days so I’ll avoid upgrading UT to the next version.

  16. cud get some help n open source it? depends what its written in, i should have my lappy on ubuntu soon n cant wait.

  17. long time that no upgrade for UT.I have been worried about it for a long time,for it was said that you had been attacked by a traffic accident.Thank goodness.

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  19. I just like the precious data you frsinuh into your content pieces.I will bookmark your blog website and examine again below routinely.I’m pretty guaranteed I’ll master an awful lot of new things ideal below! Excellent luck with the future!

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