First look at the next generation of Ubuntu Tweak!

It has been a long time since the release of last version of Ubuntu Tweak, what is the development status of it now?

Before we talk about the new Ubuntu Tweak, let’s go back to the November 2009.

At that time, the first version of Ubuntu Tweak 0.5 was not released, but we had already designed the mock-up for Ubuntu Tweak 0.6:

Designed By Kevin Chou, 2009-11

It had been re-designed from bottom, and according to the feedback from those comments of the post (Mockup of Ubuntu Tweak 0.6), a lot of people like the new design.

While the development of Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.x, we’ve never ever stopped improving the design. Here’s another mockup which was made at May, 2010:

This design added a “Recently used” list to right side, which enables you to easily access the target feature.

Designed By Jeonkwan Chan, 2010-05

A few days later, after our discuss, Jeonkwan made a more detailed mockup. Added the “Search” feature.

Designed By Jeonkwan Chan, 2010-05

Finally, a mock-up created with balsamiq came out. Everything settled.

Designed By Jeonkwan Chan, 2010-05

OK, you might be thinking: “I’ve already waited for more than one year, but there’re only mock-ups. Where is the alpha, beta or RC?”

Today, no more wondering! This is what I called: the next generation of Ubuntu Tweak.

It’s no longer a mock-up. What? You don’t believe that? Come on! This isn’t a fake iPhone jailbreaking YouTube video. OK, let the next screenshot blows our mind. See how Ubuntu Tweak is integrated with the Unity:

Isn’t that incredible?

A public beta testing will be available soon, and our shinny Ubuntu Tweak 0.6 will be released as Ubuntu 11.04 Natty comes out.

Let’s look forward it!

43 thoughts on “First look at the next generation of Ubuntu Tweak!

  1. There’s only one thing that i don’t like of ubuntu tweak, I think the splash screen is a little obtrusive, maybe you could add and option to enable or disable it like other apps
    However, ubuntu tweak is a great app and I think it should be included in the default apps included with ubuntu

    Great work !!!

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    • Agreed! It looks odd somehow, especially where the convention for sidebar interfaces in other applications (like nautilus) has been to place them on the left.

      In fact I’m sceptical of this whole new interface, how can you fit the myriad of options Ubuntu Tweak currently sports, into this kind of interface without it looking like an overwhelming page of options? I guess I’ll have to wait and see when this UI is like, and maybe have a little more faith in the Ubuntu Tweak team. ;-)

      Also, will the right-handed window controls options still function with Unity and how will they integrate with Unity? It’s difficult to imagine right-handed window controls looking like anything other than the proverbial dogs dinner in Unity, primarily because of the rigidity and inflexibility of its UI. Also, also, will their be options to reposition the top panel (to the bottom) and/or the dock (or whatever its called)? I suspect such is difficult to impossible, but if anyone was going to do it, it was going to be the UbuntuTweak guys.

      Keep up the good work fellow, much appreciate it.


      • “…It looks odd somehow, especially where the convention for sidebar interfaces in other applications (like nautilus) has been to place them on the left.”

        I completely agree with you in this regard. It needs a little more consistency.

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  6. Ubuntu Tweak NEEDS to be installed by default in Ubuntu. The more I use it the more I’m convinced it should, keep the great work!!!

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  9. Ubuntu Tweak needs a Upstart Service Manager, that currently doesn’t exist…

    The closest thing is Jobs-Admin, but doesn’t work in natty, not sure it works at all, but it displays services and run levels.

    The GUI function for boot service management would be very appreciated.

  10. You go with that design and I remove application. Breaking desktop consistency just to follow Canonical’s wanna-be-mac experiments is not fun! GTK+ has tabs, use them!

  11. Using ubuntu for the first time and without much knowledge about linux based OS I felt
    very lucky to stumble over your program. I agree with others that it should be integrated
    in the ubuntu releases to come.
    Thank you very much for your good work.

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  17. I have successfully installed both versions of Ubuntu-Tweak on my Toshiba NB505 netbook and they work well, but only the Ubuntu-Tweak-0 works on my ShuttleX FB71 system, the new Ubuntu-Tweak flashes the Splash screen and the starting ubuntu-tweak shows for less than a second and then nothing further!

  18. Failed to mention both systems are running 11.10 oneiric, and now after doing the latest updates the old ubuntu-tweak-0 opens up to a blank gray screen and that is it on the Shuttle system!

  19. Great software especially when default Ubuntu settings in 11.10 is lame with a lot of features missing. Keep the good work going

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