Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10: bugs fixed, autohide option for Unity Launcher

This is a bug fixed version of Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.x. I want to make the Ubuntu Tweak more stable so that I can start the development of  Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.

The release notes of Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10:

  • Disable the broken sources and notify the user to make it easy to fix
  • Add the Launcher Autohide setting to Compiz (Natty only)
  • Fix bug: LP: #695294 No module named simplejson
  • Fix bug: LP: #665841 ubuntu tweak crash in Login

What is “Disable the broken sources and notify the user to make it easy to fix”?

Recently I received a lot of bug reports caused by broken sources. It is often a misspelled PPA source.

I don’t know how does it happen, because I’ve never meet this problem. PPA sources are less important then the main sources.list, but it will make the package manager  not work.

So, from this version, I add a sources validation feature for Ubuntu Tweak: Every time when you start Ubuntu Tweak, it will check the sources to make sure the package manager is working. If one of the sources is broken, Ubuntu Tweak will disable it, then notify the user with dialog, so user can edit the sources easily.

The dialog will be showed like this when Ubuntu Tweak starts.

In Source Editor, you can see the broken sources has been disabled. So your Ubuntu can still work like normal.

And in Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10, I also add the option to make the Launcher hide automatically. It will give you a wider screen space.

Because Ubuntu 11.04 Natty is still under development, so the it might be changed in the future. Just for testing.

OK, that’s all. I hope this version will keep your system always work. And I will try to find out what causes the misspelled sources.

Now Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10 has entered the PPA sources, try to update from here: http://blog.ubuntu-tweak.com/downloads

Or download the packages from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+download

29 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10: bugs fixed, autohide option for Unity Launcher

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  3. Unfortunately, it stills doesn’t install in Natty, due to Python versioning problems, so all that support for Natty is pretty useless still…

  4. Did someone find a work around in order to show more sources in mint 10?
    Here with mint 10_64 and Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10 shows only few PPAs.

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  6. I installed the natty version on my natty. the lauch crahsed with the following error code, hope it helps your diagnosis:

    Distribution: Ubuntu 11.04 natty
    Application: Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10
    Desktop: gnome

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/ubuntu-tweak”, line 110, in
    launcher = TweakLauncher(session_bus, MainWindow())
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntutweak/mainwindow.py”, line 232, in __init__
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntutweak/mainwindow.py”, line 383, in update_model
    self.TITLE_COLUMN, “%s” % title,
    TypeError: value is of the wrong type for this column

  7. Great app. Congratulations, it eases managing a lot of stuff in ubuntu and also tweaking via GUI other things.

    However, in the image selection of the login screen settings, i placed a pic with 500kb to replace the generic screen, but it doesn’t show up after booting. It’s in the new settings, but not working. Perhaps it’s due to ubuntu’s new updates i guess. I’m on 64bit version. If i put another one from the ubuntu’s login default folder then it works. I have a 1366×768 screen and downloaded a wallpaper to show up also on the login screen.

    Any sugestions?

  8. I’m having a similar issue: no ‘Startup’ or ‘Desktop’ options, just ‘Applications’, ‘Personal’ and ‘System’…

    I’m using version 0.5.10 in Ubuntu 10.10 + KDE 4.6.1

    Any fix for this?

  9. I’m having the same issue as hanfle and Gabrial on a new install of Ubuntu 10.04, it works normally on my home 10.04 and 10.10 installs.
    See hanfle’s screenshot.
    Any answers?
    Thanks for your hard work!

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