Feature Sneak Peak: Reset Setting

As the user request, the next version of Ubuntu Tweak will add a new feature, it is called: Reset Setting.

You may don’t like the effect after tweaking some options, how can you go back? Ubuntu Tweak will help you go back easily!

Please see the screenshot:

After every resettable option, there will be an reset button. The tooltip will tell you what is the default value, and you can reset the value by just one click.

How about this feature?

Now the testing version of Ubuntu Tweak (0.5.6) has been entered the testing source: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tweak-testing/+archive/ppa

Please help to test if you want it become better, Thanks.

18 thoughts on “Feature Sneak Peak: Reset Setting

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  2. OY! You might also try adding UI editor thing to move the minimize close and maximize buttons. This is done in the gconfig editor editing the metacity’s button location key.

    ALSO, how about a UI setting to keep the NUMLCK key on!?

  3. I just dicovered Ubuntu tweak, oh my god thank you so much for this awsome application, when the hell will it be integrated to Ubuntu by default ?!

    Cheers !

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  9. Will Ubuntu tweak work with Linux Mint 10
    Which is based on Ubuntu 10 & for that mater may as well be Ubuntu, But I prefer their Layout & theme.
    Thank you

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