Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 released with Purge PPA

Last month, the new Purge PPA feature with the upcoming version of Ubuntu Tweak was announced, after lots of testing and improving, now it finally arrives in Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5!

In this version, you can delete those PPA packages that might make your system unstable or that you simply don’t like by only a few clicks! Those barriers or worries that keep you from tasting the latest, coolest applications on PPA has been broken into pieces or dissolved!

Before introduce the Purge PPA, let’s see the overview of changes:

  • Add support for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
  • File Type Manager supports edit multi-types in once, Thanks muzuiget!
  • Add support for determining Lubuntu, Netbook Edition
  • Add SVG support in GNOME Panel icon (LP: #593513)
  • Add SVG support in Login Windows Logo settings
  • Add Compress PDF script
  • Add PPA Purge support in Cleaner

Bugs fixed:

  • LP: #573441 change screen logo on login settings in 10.04
  • LP: #583213 LCD brightness slider is working contrariwise
  • LP: #587815 Stop enabling the Ubuntu Tweak PPA
  • LP: #590013 Update manager in ubuntu tweak fail in Maverick Meerkat
  • LP: #576625 Ubuntu Tweak, Desktop-settings error
  • LP: #597498 sudo ubuntu-tweak-daemon: os.mkdir error
  • LP: #596970 Ubuntu Tweak user files should be in $XDG_DATA_HOME instead
  • of ~/.ubuntu-tweak
  • LP: #581880 in lubuntu , ubuntu lts lxde dont work many functions
  • LP: #585728 compiz module crash in ubuntu netbook edition
  • LP: #585268 Changing .recently-used.xbel into a folder breaks VMware Player 3.1.0

Now let me introduce the Purge PPA feature.

Back to the July 2008, two years ago, it was the first time that Ubuntu Tweak  introduced the “Third-Party Sources”(Now renamed to Source Center). Do you know how does it look like? OK, here’s the screenshot:

As you see, it was too simple, only included few PPA to use. But after about-two-years improvement, the Source Center is becoming more and more powerful, It supports syncing sources with network, supports multi-distributions. Of course, it included a lot of useful and latest PPAs.

It was still no good enough.

There’s a defect in Source Center, users might find it hard to revert to the previous version of package if they don’t like the one they’ve just installed from the PPA. Though apt-get is a powerful package management system, it does have problems in coping with package downgrading.

Well, no more complaining! Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 fills up that deficiency and save your life!

The “Purge PPAs” is integrated into the “Package Cleaner”, but it is used for cleaning PPAs instead of packages.

First, It will list all the PPAs you’ve enabled, and you can purge it by just select and press “Cleanup”.

You should know that it supports selecting multi-PPAs and clearing them at a time!

For example, I need to purge “Elementary Desktop PPA”, firstly I should select it and press “Cleanup”, a dialog will pop up and indicate how many packages will be downgraded and the exact version of these packages.

You may ask if other two or more PPA provide the same package in different versions, how will Ubuntu Tweak handle that in such a case?

Ubuntu Tweak is smart enough to handle this. For instance, P1 and P2 are two PPA sources, they provides the same packages in different versions(P1 is newer than P2 which is newer that the original package in the Ubuntu Official Repository. P1>P2>Repo). P1 might be the daily build channel, P2 could be the latest stable and, you know, Repo possibly provides ancient packages sometimes. Assuming that you’ve tried out the daily build package(P1) and its instability has been driving you crazy. You just can’t wait to revert back to your preference, P2, the latest stable package. Ubuntu Tweak just knows you better than you could ever imagine! It detects all different versions of the same package and roll down to the less latest package. So, in this case, it just won’t ridiculously remove this package at all or downgrade to the ancient package in the Repo. Happy! In case you wonder, what if there’re P3, P4 and P5? (P1>P2>P3>P4>P5>Repo) Don’t panic, neither does Ubuntu Tweak. It will do just fine.

Click “Yes”, the purge and downgrade work will start immediately. You can see the progress in the “Details”.

After a successful package downgrade, PPA will be disabled at the end of the process. That’s it.

It’s EASY, isn’t it?

I hope you like it!

And in Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5, there’s another feature that has been improved. The feature is contributed by muzuiget.

File Type Manager was first introduced in Dec, 2008 with Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4, have you ever played with it?

Now it finally supports multi-types edit, you can edit multiple file types at a time.

Image that you’ve installed a new audio player and love it, you want it to be the default application for all your media files. OK, it’s easy to do.

In File Type Manager, select the File Type you want to change (holding Shift to select multiple objects).

Then press “Edit”, in the opening dialog, choose the audio player you want. After that, all the types of media files will be opened by the application you set earlier.

That’s the two major improvements for Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5.

There are some other minor improvements, such as the GNOME Icon settings supports SVG files, new script called “Compress PDF” has been added. Of course, lots of bugs has been fixed.

Another thing need to be informed is that Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 supports Ubuntu 10.10 now.

During the development of Ubuntu Tweak, I was wondered that I received a lot of bug reports from the Ubuntu 10.10 users. It’s amazing that a lot of people have started testing Ubuntu Tweak on Ubuntu 10.10, I highly expect that, on Oct 10, 2010, there will be a perfect Ubuntu 10.10! Also, I will continue to contribute more features for Ubuntu Tweak and bring surprises for you.


The package in the Ubuntu Tweak source is now ready, and you can also download the package by using the link below:



35 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 released with Purge PPA

  1. Thank you so much for this latest release – it works very well. Those 2 new features are very important and very useful (PPA + File Manager) – and they work just fine…!

  2. Hi and thank you for a great tool like Ubuntu Tweak. I made an update to 0.5.5 but on the Start-Splash there is still 0.5.4 displayed. But the new Features are there! So i think it´s just a little “bug” and everything is peachy… ;-)
    Greetings from Germany, R.S.

  3. Great new features.

    Same problem as above when you click the left-bottom button.

    It reads: Ubuntu Tweak
    Hope it helps.


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  6. Aloha, “TualatriX”…

    This is a very cool tool, but unfortunately I cannot access some functions because certain elements are unclickable (greyed-out).

    They are as listed:

    Package Cleaner
    Source Center
    Login Settings

    My system details:

    Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS – ppc64, 2.6.32-24-powerpc64-smp

    Xfce 4 Desktop Environment
    version 4.6.1 (Xfce 4.6)

    PlayStation 3 60GB – Other OS
    Firmware v3.15

    I have tried the last two most recent builds:


    both instances result in the same issue irregardless of how I install them on my machine.

    One last thing, when I installed v0.5.5-1 the “About Screen” is still displaying “Ubuntu Tweak″.

    Any help would be most appreciated…..peace.

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  10. Thanks for the reply. I clicked the UNLOCK button on all the different menus it is available, but still no joy. :(

  11. Hello TualatriX,

    a new version 0.5.5 is already fully in Polish language. Maybe there is a chance to announce every next version of Ubuntu Tweak in about 7 days before release to give some time for translators? :)

    Thanks for your great job! Greets

  12. thank for your efforts.

    NBCraftsman wrote on Jul 25, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for the reply. I clicked the UNLOCK button on all the different menus it is available, but still no joy. :(

    Unfortunately THAT’S exactly what’s happening to me,too!!!
    Any suggestion?

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  14. @TualatriX

    As requested I ran ubuntu-tweak in terminal, no error output and UNLOCK still not available.

    I then ran sudo ubuntu-tweak in terminal, no error output but UNLOCK is now available to click/use.

    I then created a custom launcher using the following command: gksudo “ubuntu-tweak %u”

    And that also enables the UNLOCK button to be click-able.

  15. Can’t update to it still shows me and please add Gimp support it’s not updating to 2.6.10!

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  18. Hi! Great thanks for this “language improvement” :) For UT 0.5.6 we have already completed Dutch, Spanish, Ukrainian, Swedish and since now also Polish language version! Greetings

  19. @Filip007

    Filip, please read with understanding – TualatriX wrote: “I just forgot to change the version to 0.5.5. It’s a mistake. :D”. That means, you have already installed the latest version (UT…

  20. This software is great. I love how you can use it for software management and important tweaks. HOWEVER, one simple feature lacking makes me go back to the default Software Manager of Ubuntu – Search bar.

    Currently, the words typed only match with the beginning of the list of software and repositories. In the Ubuntu search bar, whatever you type – eg. HARDINFO (which is the popular name of the system info software) will show in the results the software whose title actually is SYSTEM PROFILER AND BENCHMARKER. That is certainly impossible with the current search system of Ubuntu Tweak.

    Hope this comment on mine is read by the right person. All the best!

    Thank you once again!

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  23. Ά ο ε ο έ ο ο ού Ubuntu ά ε ή έ “ubuntu desktop”, έ ε ά ε ί ο ύ ε ο ά ά ε εί ου έε “Ε ά ε ώ ο εί “. ε εί ε ε έ ο ο έ ο “The Ubuntu Desktop System”. ε εί ε έ ε ο. έ ο ά ε ή έ “edubuntu” (ό ί ε ά ε ό ) εί ε ε έ ο έ ε έ ά ο ” ” ε ά ου ο ό ε ά ε ά . ά ε ε ε ί εί ά ε Ubuntu ό Edubuntu.

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