How to fix the startup problem of 0.3.2


I’ve seen that some people won’t be able to start Ubuntu Tweak 0.3.2. The condition may like this:

The splash screen is displayed and then nothing.

It’s not a common bug so I wrote this article to tell you how to fix this problem.


Thanks crjackson and the bug reporter Mark Krapivner and Soulou at launchpad:bug#238158

I saw your outputs, and there was nothing  serious  error message that cause the Ubuntu Tweak can’t start.

So I assume that the splash screen cause the problem, now I tell you how to disable the splash, I hope it’ll solve it.

First, open your terminal(gnome-terminal), and type the following command.

sudo gedit /usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/

At the line 33, you’ll see “thread.start_new_thread(self.show_splash, ()) “, now you can put an “#” in font of line or delete this line.

So will like this:


class TweakLauncher:
def __init__(self):
#            thread.start_new_thread(self.show_splash, ())

from PackageWorker import update_apt_cache
except ImportError:


Now save the file and try to start Ubuntu Tweak.

Please tell me the whether it is useful, thanks!

Good luck!

20 thoughts on “How to fix the startup problem of 0.3.2

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  3. my error inform. is:
    xxxxxxxxx@PPC:~$ ubuntu-tweak
    /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/apt/ FutureWarning: apt API not stable yet
    warnings.warn(”apt API not stable yet”, FutureWarning)
    正在读取软件包列表… 完成
    读取状态信息… 完成
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 77, in
    launcher = TweakLauncher()
    File “./”, line 42, in __init__
    window = MainWindow()
    File “/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/”, line 232, in __init__
    self.notebook = self.create_notebook()
    File “/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/”, line 331, in create_notebook
    notebook.append_page(page(self), None)
    File “/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/”, line 342, in __init__
    tl = EnableScripts()
    File “/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/”, line 180, in __init__
    File “/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/”, line 234, in create_model
    TypeError: icon_lookup() argument 2 must be gnome.ui.ThumbnailFactory, not None

  4. I’ll re-install and try again in a couple of days. I’m sure that will fix it. I’ll post back and let you know.

    I understand you feel it’s a rare problem but I’ve got the same rare problem on several systems now. All very different systems with different software installed. The only common factor is Ubuntu 8.04.

    Please let us know if you find a way to run with the splash screen enabled. I’d just like to know why that is causing a problem.

  5. Here is the solution:

    Modify the script by –
    sudo gedit /usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/

    and edit the __main__ function to look like this:

    if __name__ == “__main__”:
    #determine whether the gnome is the default desktop
    #if os.getenv(“GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID”):
    #from SystemInfo import GnomeVersion
    #if GnomeVersion.minor < 0:
    # show_info(_(“Sorry!\n\nUbuntu Tweak can only run under GNOME 2.18 or above.\n”))
    launcher = TweakLauncher()
    # show_info(_(“Sorry!\n\nUbuntu Tweak can only run in GNOME Desktop.\n”))

    And it will now run: The issue is in the gnome detection.

  6. Hi Tualatrix,

    Awesome job on the Ubuntu Tweak, it really is great.

    I would just like to share an issue that happens when I open Ubuntu Tweak.

    When I open it, everything on the desktop disappears (the top bar, AWN dock, ICONS, etc) except for the Desktop wallpaper.

    After a bit of tampering I soon came to realize that when I open UT, it turns on my Widget Layer in Compiz and activates it.

    I then have to press F9 to bring it back to normal, go into Advanced Desktop Settings and turn the Widget Layer off.

    I’d just thought I’d share with everyone, but would you know what the problem is?

  7. hmmm… the metacity roll-up option is not working anymore… any idea? reinstalled ubuntu (not because of this problem :P) and ubuntu-tweak… and the problem is still there.

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