Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2: Quantal Ready!

First I would like to thank you all for the support of Ubuntu Tweak, I received many donations for the past week. All of the donation are listed here: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/donations/ (Not completed yet).

And today I’m very pleased to announce that Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 is released. The goal of this version is support for Ubuntu 12.10 and improving the Apps.

Let’s get started from the release notes:

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New way to donate for Ubuntu Tweak

After reading your messages here, I realized that the old way to donate is not working any more. I was wondering why you ask for opening donation because I thought it was OK.

I’ve created the donate page 4 years ago and I have received many donations. I was really happy at that time, when I was a student, the donation helped me to cover the charge of website host.

I rarely asked for donation, every time after releasing new version, I just said “Enjoy”. I hope you’re really enjoying my work.

This time, I’d like to ask you for supporting my effort on developing Ubuntu Tweak by donating, it will help me put more energy on this project and reach the 1.0 version. So I tried to create a new way to donate, I hope it works now.

If you want to know more or fund the development of Ubuntu Tweak, please follow this guide, Thank you!

New way to donate: http://blog.ubuntu-tweak.com/donate

PS: the version with full support for Ubuntu 12.10 will be 0.8.2 and target to release soon, the Apps service will be available again too. If you are a translator, now you can start the translation.

Thank you, Ubuntu Tweak will continue

First, I would like to thank you all, who left your message here, who forked Ubuntu Tweak at Github. I was really moved!

You made me know that Ubuntu Tweak is still valuable, and as the first software project I made 5 years ago, it is just like my baby, I don’t really want to give up the development.

I will explain something in this post, hope this time everything is clear.

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